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5 mistakes you should absolutely avoid in your press room

Your press room is a showcase of your company and product and thus should be really polished. There are several traps and errors you should absolutely avoid in this section of your website or you’ll make journalists run away: Outdated information: not maintaining a press room up to date is a very common mistake. By letting outdated information and content on you press room you’ll give a very bad impression to journalists who will feel like… Read more

Wed 16 Nov, 2016 - Bertrand

Press releases: PDF vs digital format

PDFs … We feel that this format has existed even before the birth of computers. Although the PDF today remains an excellent format for many operations, we must admit, its use still remains very limited. Have you ever tried to copy / paste text or save an image from a PDF document? Have you ever tried to share it on social networks? Honestly … it’s more a pain than anything else. So imagine a journalist… Read more

Fri 20 May, 2016 - Thomas

How to create a durable relationship with journalists

A very common mistake when you begin a PR campaign is to think that a journalist or bloggers’ job is to wait all day long for press releases. It’s actually a bit more complicated than that. Not only a journalist receives 150 emails a day but also, they are under control by their chief editor. Therefore, you have to be a step ahead. When you start to do public relations with your company it’s very… Read more

Thu 28 Apr, 2016 - Thomas
Business objects on background of engineers discussing blueprint

6 tips to be PR ready

1. What’s your story? Ok, may I say first that I don’t really like the word “story” when referring to a business. Actually, I prefer to talk about a business timeline. Why? Because a story usually has a beginning, a middle and an end. Or your business, hopefully, won’t have an end. A timeline on the other end is made of multiple stories. It is a long chain of events that you will be able… Read more

Thu 07 Apr, 2016 - Thomas
Photo 02-03-2016 10 56 59

#Agenda Business events not to be missed in April

Here are the main business events occuring in April 2016 ! You are participating to one of those events? Chances are you’re going to be around many journalists and bloggers. Here some PR tips : If you don’t already have one, set up a brand newsroom ASAP in order to provide your business press material to journalists and bloggers. We can help with that ! Update you newsroom with you latest content and create specific… Read more

Thu 31 Mar, 2016 - Thomas

#Infographics What do PR agencies need in 2016?

It would be an understatement to say that the dissemination of information has accelerated significantly over the past 10 years. The speed of today’s communication channels associated with the mobility that provide smartphones and tablets, has changed our media consumption to the point that news has become an “ephemeral product” we eat up 30, 40, 50 times a day. If we think about it, this is both an advantage, because the virality of news can… Read more

Thu 24 Mar, 2016 - Thomas

#PR tools: Focus on newsrooms

Press releases alert journalists to the fact that you have something going on in your company. Social networks and media relay your enterprise latest news. Newsrooms establish your business timeline. What is a newsroom? A dedicated space on a website for journalists to quickly find, verify and download a company press material. Also known as a press room or a website press section, it serves as support for all communication campaigns. What do I need… Read more

Thu 17 Mar, 2016 - Thomas